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Our Child Foundation - Help at the right time
Charity Project - In the medium to long term, the Foundation will redistribute funds to benefit children in tornado-damaged areas. He believes that the current acute humanitarian assistance in disaster sites is sufficient, so he wants to focus on the assistance that will come after the worst of the damage has been cleared and repaired. They will then focus on supporting the children so that they can return to normal life as quickly as possible. Project for 200 000 CZK.

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Order Code: NEZ00151
NF Czech Radio - Help Moravia with us
Charity Project - Extreme storms and tornadoes hit South Moravia. Some parts of the villages in the Břeclav and Hodonín regions are completely devastated. Thousands of people' s lives changed in a matter of moments, leaving them in shock on the street, even in a bathrobe. Their houses are destroyed, without roofs and walls. Come and help them with the Czech Radio Endowment Fund and Radiožurnál in their financial collection.

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Order Code: NEZ00149
ADRA - Assistance to areas of South Moravia affected by a tornado
Charity Project - Just a few minutes and people lost almost everything. The situation in the villages affected by the tornado requires a quick solution, which is why ADRA has announced a public collection.

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Order Code: NEZ00148
Diocesan Charity Brno - Help for people affected by tornadoes in the Hodonín and Břeclav regions
Charity Project The diocesan charity Brno has announced a collection to help people affected by Thursday' s tornado in the Hodonín and Břeclav regions. Help by helping people who have lost their homes and all their possessions.

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Order Code: NEZ00147
VIA Foundation - Let' s help the destroyed villages in southern Moravia
Charity Project - help by contributing to the fundraiser to help the affected communities and their inhabitants after the tornado and strong storms in South Moravia with the VIA Foundation

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Order Code: NEZ00146
Diakonie ČCE - středisko Praha - Equipment of the garden of the new Home for the disabled
Charity Project - In May 2020, during the coronary crisis, they opened a detached workplace in Dol. Počernice so far for 10 people with mental or combined disabilities from 18 years. Their well-coordinated team provides users with a dignified home and non-stop care 365 days a year. The garden will be renovated in the spring, they want to buy a gazebo, furniture, parasols and tractors, gardening tools, seed etc. Project for 120,000 CZK.

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Order Code: NEZ00137
Our Child Foundation - Quick covid help for single women in crisis
Charity Project - He who gives quickly gives twice. Help us provide basic needs for disadvantaged children living with only one parent in these unhappy times. There are now 200,000 single women in the Czech Republic, a third of them have an income of less than 10,000 crowns, while up to 90% of single women have to do without alimony. Our Child Foundation project for CZK 100,000.

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Order Code: NEZ00118
YOU ARE NOT ALONE - mobile hospice - Mobile specialized palliative care for adults and children
Charity Project - Charity project to support the provision of mobile specialized care for adults and children in Olomouc and its surroundings. The non-governmental non-profit organization has been providing its services since 2016. It does nothing revolutionary, it returns death to homes. It makes the end of life dignified, fulfills patients' desire to die at home, surrounded by family and friends. MSPP project for CZK 50,000.

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Order Code: NEZ00107
HOPE - Washing machine for sick homeless men
Charity Project - HOPE in Prague helps homeless people. One form of assistance is accommodation in shelters. The asylum house in Žižkov is intended for men and the barrier-free part on the ground floor is reserved for those who are ill, move in a wheelchair or have another handicap. We want to buy a new industrial washing machine just for them. The target amount of the project is CZK 48,000.

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Order Code: NEZ00096
Our Child Foundation - assistance dog for Daniel
Charity Project - Daniel is 13 years old, he was born prematurely and spent the first seven months of his life in hospitals, he underwent a number of demanding operations, which unfortunately did not go without consequences. He needs to raise another 150,000 crowns to train an assistance dog who would be his assistant. Our Child Foundation project for 150,000 crowns.

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Order Code: NEZ00091
Our Child Foundation - support for single parents in need
Charity Project - For single parents, the period of quarantine and declaring a state of emergency in our country has become particularly complicated, especially when this parent is caring for a child with a disability, or they are parents with a serious illness or disability pension. All these parents and their children belong to the most socially vulnerable groups. The aim is to help them make an extraordinary contribution to basic needs.

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Order Code: NEZ00083
Mobile Hospice Ondrášek - Live your life at home
Charity Project - 80% of us want to die at home, but only 20% succeed. Hospice Ondrášek enables terminally ill adults and children to spend the last moments of their lives with dignity and at home. Ondrášek Mobile Hospice project for 160,000 CZK.

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Order Code: NEZ00084
Fans of Mom - mobile material assistance app related to COVID-19
Charity Project In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we are launching the "FandiMat" mobile app. It will help to help people who need it most now - single parents, seniors, doctors and others. Thanks to the application, people in need and charities could demand what they need and donors from individuals, organizations and companies offer such assistance. I have a project of Fandi organization for 30 000 CZK.

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Order Code: NEZ00073
Dear grandma, dear grandfather, stay home today
Charity Project - come and make sure that grandmothers and grandfathers can stay safe at home these days. Volunteers ensure and bring food purchases, pick up medicines, go to the post office, pay bills and more so that seniors can stay at home and not run the risk of getting infected. Come help them even more! Donate to the Foundation to cover the cost of grocery purchases - all other services are, of course, free.

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Order Code: NEZ00071
An extraordinary program to help single parents during a coronavirus pandemic
Charity Project In response to the closure of schools, we immediately responded with a new aid program, providing the most vulnerable parents with a one-time assistance (meaning acute aid for food and medicine) of CZK 2,000, because 60% of nursing care in a few weeks may be winding up.

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Order Code: NEZ00066
The elderly helpline also helps during coronavirus
Charity Project The Senior Line 800 200 007 is anonymous and free telephone assistance for seniors and elderly people. At the time of the coronavirus epidemic, it significantly increased its operations, providing information and support to seniors and their loved ones, as well as directly linking them with volunteers. Disabled or seriously ill, who are in a crisis situation and need help from scout volunteers, may also contact the Helpline.

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Order Code: NEZ00065
ADRA helps Czechs at risk of coronavirus
Charity Project In connection with the spread of coronavirus in the Czech Republic, ADRA is helping the most vulnerable populations through its proven and trained volunteers. In particular, seniors and people who find themselves in isolation and do not have the opportunity to secure, for example, the purchase of food and medicines.

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Order Code: NEZ00063
Children's Brain Foundation - personal assistance for people with disabilities of the nervous sy
Charity Project - The Foundation focuses on personal assistance to people with nervous system disabilities such as autistic people, people with cerebral palsy, brain injuries, muscular dystrophy, etc. The project aims to help parents who care for their loved ones in their home environment arrange something, or relax and gain strength. All donations are donated to a specific family. Project for 50 000 Kč.

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Order Code: NEZ00055
Coordination center of assistance for seniors in Prague during an emergency situation in the Czech R
Charity Project LIFE 90 has set up a Coordination Center for Senior Citizens from all over Prague in connection with the coronavirus crisis. Within the center they connect lone seniors with volunteers in order to help everyone in need. Volunteers arrange purchases, pick up medicines, or pick up pets for seniors so that seniors can stay safe in their homes. For this purpose, a non-stop emergency line for the elderly was established.

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Order Code: NEZ00059
Seniors Support Fund - field social services to help during an emergency in the Czech Republic due t
Charity Project Helping the elderly in connection with the state of emergency in the country - Significant support for field social services designed especially for seniors, so that they do not stay at home in isolation without supply of food, medicines or medical assistance. The public can also help.

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Order Code: NEZ00057
Senior in coronavirus and emergency in the Czech Republic due to pandemic COVID-19
Charity Project "Take your veil!", "Go home!", "Don't go anywhere!", "Don't talk to anyone!" At this point, in addition to bans and recommendations, we need to add opportunities to help overcome the paralysis that crippled society. Therefore, we connect seniors with volunteers who make contact with them, carry shopping and medicines, or outdoor dogs. Our psychologists and therapists offer a free session. We create content on pages and on television. Helping.

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Order Code: NEZ00060
Helping women and children at risk of violence
Charity Project - victims of domestic violence leave home for a time to save health and life. One fifth of the children who came to the shelter with them felt violence themselves. We create a friendly and safe environment for them. Children also deserve support in the form of creative, relaxing and relaxing activities. We support mothers to ensure their safety and stabilization, to return to life. The target amount is 60 000 Kč.

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Order Code: NEZ00037
Dog therapists for people with Alzheimer's disease
Charity Project "Dog therapists for people with dementia" is a collection designed to facilitate visits to dog therapists at the Senorina Center, which takes care of people with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. The aim is to organize twice a month visits to dog therapists who have a demonstrable positive effect on patients. Project for 12 000 CZK.

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Order Code: NEZ00029
Freedom on Wheels of Adéla Martinez Soriano
Charity Project - Adéla Martinez Soriano is a young mother with cerebral palsy. Due to her disability she has been in a wheelchair since childhood. She can walk using crutches but only for very short distances. Adéla would like a new mechanical wheelchair that makes it easier to move indoors and outdoors (trips to the shops, post office, offices, doctors, etc.) Adéla and her husband are raising their two-month-old daughter. The husband works and takes care of the family. While her husband is at work, Adelk and her daughter are at home alone, so she needs to be self-sufficient to take care of her in all respects. The wheelchair that would like (Tekna Advance) costs 75,863 CZK The insurance company will contribute 45,000 CZK towards the wheelchair, 6075CZK for the tyres and 3465 CZK for the stabilisation wheels. Adéla must pay 21,323 CZK herself.

Done, thank you!
Order Code: NEZ00008
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