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How to Buy Vouchers on Alza?



Make someone happy, even if at the last minute. Gift vouchers never disappoint. Give the gift of experiences, wellness weekend, romantic dinner for two or even a degustation experience. Of course, you can also use our gift vouchers to buy products or services. You can simply buy anything with them. Gift vouchers labelled with the logo “Return Guarantee” will furthermore guarantee that you will not lose a penny in case you miss the valid-to date or if you cannot use the voucher. Let's take a look at how it works, step by step.

How to Use Gift Vouchers - Table of Contents

  1. What Makes Alza Gift Vouchers Unique?
  2. 4 Types of  Gift Vouchers.
  3. How to Use Gift Vouchers at
  4. What Makes a Gift Voucher a Great Gift?

What Makes Alza Gift Vouchers Unique?

Buying a gift voucher labelled “Exchange Guarantee” pays off. Literally. In case of your voucher's expiry or you simply choose not to use the voucher, you are entitled to a 100% refund in form of a voucher for any products from our store in the same value as your previous voucher. And boy, is there a lot to choose from. You can ask for a refund starting from the 7th day since expiry via our info hotline.

4 Types of Gift Vouchers to Choose From

You will find four types of gift vouchers in our offer: Gift vouchers for buying goods or services directly from various providers, gift vouchers for buying straight from our offer, and pre-paid or top-up gift vouchers such as season passes for Playstation or Xbox, for example.

  1. Gift Vouchers for Buying Goods for all lovers of good quality products. Gift vouchers like this one are used for buying drug store products, hand-made products, sports equipment, toys, books, as well as clothes, foods or car accessories, for example.
  2. Gift Vouchers for Buying Services are becoming increasingly popular. Give the gift of great memories. Have an exquisite dinner at a new restaurant, pamper yourself with some relaxing massage or enjoy a few days off with your loved ones at a luxurious hotel, for example.
  3. Alza Gift Vouchers will save you the trouble of finding the perfect gift for someone. Our offer of products is so wide anyone will find something to buy there.
  4. Vouchers, Pre-paid Cards, and Top-up Game Console Gift Cards for every hardcore gamer. Give a gift of gaming experience.

Gift Vouchers for Buying Goods and Services - Experience, Dinner or a Book.

  • Experiences were, are and will always be trending because of the unforgettable memories they bring. Fly on an aeroplane, take a ride in a Porsche, take a picture with a cobra, or try parachuting.
  • Family and children is a section dedicated to various experiences for children and adults. You can choose from experiences for children, holiday tips for family trips or restaurants where children are welcome.
  • Culture and entertainment are an indispensable part of our lives. Please your loved ones with tickets to a gallery, for example, or maybe your friends are drama lovers - buy them tickets to their favourite play. Anyone can choose from our offer of sports activities, theme park tickets and more.
  • Travelling gives you an opportunity to discover new things. That's why it's an obvious choice for couples. Go abroad for holiday, go on discovery tours, take on the slopes in the Alps or just go to some spa resort to get the deserved relaxing massage you have always wanted.
  • Beauty and health are important attributes not just for women. That being said, products in this category are mostly aimed for women. Get a relaxing cure, cosmetics, or a new hairstyle from one of the top hair boutiques.
  • Courses and workshops are here especially for those who want to learn something new and grow. Spice up your average day with a cooking course, take up dancing or start studying for a new specialisation.
  • Restaurants and bars sometimes offer truly remarkable things. Have you tried a several-course degustation menu? Delicious sushi, unique cakes or superb coffee.
  • Practical services are here to make your life easier - from professional maintenance companies to vouchers for car hand washing.


Gift vouchers always contain only the following information: unique code, expiry date, the value of the voucher, what services come with the voucher. Sometimes, the vouchers may state what can be bought with the voucher.

Voucher for a specific service/product vs. value-based voucher

There are also vouchers for specific services/products or value-based vouchers. You can buy anything from the offer of the respective provider.

  • Gift vouchers are used in specified stores, restaurants, agencies, hotels, wellness, theme parks, and many other providers.

Alza Gift Vouchers

Alza gift vouchers are a perfect solution for those unsure about what to buy. You can also buy a printed version of the gift vouchers in a wide range of nominal values. This makes your life easier (and faster). Just pay online and your voucher will be sent to you via email.


Alza gift vouchers contain a unique code that the buyer is going to enter at the checkout. The respective value will be automatically applied to the shopping cart. If the value of the voucher is smaller, the respective remaining amount is to be paid by the user. You can also enter more Alza vouchers in one order and combine the value of your discount.

Gift vouchers for Playstation and Xbox pre-paid cards, top-up cards (gaming accessories)

Gift vouchers for gaming consoles are available in many variants: season pass, popular Playstation Plus services, Xbox Live GOLD or Xbox Game Pass or in-game downloadable content. We offer:


Gift vouchers for subscriptions or game credits are usually applied in the form of electronic licence (see how to here: How to apply electronic licences). Some vouchers are available in a printed (packaged) form. The availability of each product is always detailed in each product's description.

How to Use Alza Gift Vouchers?

Gift vouchers are a great present for your loved ones. One of the biggest advantages of these vouchers is that they are activated within seconds.

  1. Gift vouchers are available, just like other products, in the store - they can be added to the cart at the checkout. Some vouchers are available both in print and in digital form.
  2. The vouchers will then be sent either to your email or your mailing post. The vouchers always come with a unique code that is to be entered while shopping. Just follow the instructions specified on the voucher card.
  3. If the gift voucher is time-limited and the total sum of your order is higher, the client will simply pay the remaining amount. The sum of the order must not be smaller than that of the voucher.
  4. Keep an eye on the expiry date. Whether it's a birthday or Christmas gift card, all vouchers contain this piece of information. The vouchers are either valid up to a certain date or for a certain period since purchase.
  5. If the voucher expires, you have two options: if you bought a voucher with a “Return Guarantee” stamp on it, simply ask for a refund. If your voucher does not contain this stamp, your voucher is void after its expiry date, unless specified with the provider.
  6. Nevyužitý dárkový poukaz nám také můžete vrátit do 14 dnů od nákupu.


How to and where can you return your voucher

If you wish to return your voucher, contact your provider first. Do so immediately after using the service or upon discovery of a flaw. If this is not possible, the respective provider will not accept your return. Contact us and we will look into it.

Digital or in print?

We offer two types of vouchers: digital (online) and printed form. The digital vouchers are sent to your email address, just print them and you are good to go. The printed vouchers are sent to the assigned address via post. The type of the voucher is always explained in the product description.


Be creative and create your own gift certificate

If you want to be original, try hand-made gift vouchers - not necessary to have any patterns. Just use your own creativity. Create a piece of art to please your loved ones!

Why are gift vouchers the perfect choice?

Gift vouchers are an elegant solution for not knowing what to buy and you do not want to risk buying the wrong thing.

  • The recipient of the voucher is given the opportunity to choose his own gift.
  • Vouchers are appropriate for everyone - family, partner, friends, you name it...
  • Comes in handy when you are not sure what to buy.
  • You can also use it as a gift voucher for birthdays or as a Christmas gift card.
  • Gift vouchers have no sell-by date. Only expiry date, so you can use it any time up until the point in time specified in the expiry date.
  • If you need the gift immediately, a gift voucher is beyond doubt the fastest solution.


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500 CZK Product Purchase Electronic Gift Card
Voucher - solve all your gift giving troubles in a few minutes and make your loved ones, friends or coworkers happy with just one gift card. Can be applied on all products. Just enter the unique code when making your purchase and the value of the gift card will be deducted from the total price. Valid for 1 year.

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2,000 CZK Alza GAMING Gift Card
Voucher - Do you know a beginner gamer or a hardcore gaming enthusiast? Give them a gift they will definitely enjoy! Can be applied on all Gaming Zone products. Luxury design, printed, valid for 1 year from purchase.

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