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Notebook i5-4210U, 13.3 " 1366 x 768 px, RAM 4 GB, 256 GB Windows 7 Professional
Kód:  AR0003797 Prod. číslo:  PU301LA-RO239G
ASUS PRO P ESSENTIAL PU301LA-RO239G Prodej skončil


The ASUSPRO PU301LA ultraportable laptop is designed for small and medium businesses. It offers affordable reliability, with a light and slim design that starts at 1.75kg. Laptops are reinforced and proven by much higher standard testing than other laptops. This includes drop tests, hinge cycle tests and panel pressure testing. Data gets added protection from anti-shock hard drives and the spill-resistant keyboard. Productivity gains from powerful 4th gen Intel® Core™ processors and efficient manageability by Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA). Additional security measures include a fingerprint scanner, plus quick tracing of lost or stolen laptops with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology and Computrace® LoJack® for Laptops.\n\nDesigned professional\nUltraportable, subtle, stylish\nStarting from 1.75kg, the PU301 uses a one-piece build, creating a subtle and completely consistent look. The design extends to the underside and removes unneeded clutter with a stylish brushed metal finish.\n\nTrue-comfort keyboard and full numeric keypad increase productivity\nBusiness places great importance on keyboards, as they are vital for professional communications. ASUS engineers have fine-tuned the PU301’s keyboard, providing better click ratios and 2.3mm travel distance to maintain comfort during long hours of work. The keyboard also provides a full numeric cluster with page up/page down keys to increase efficiency when doing calculations and reading long documents.\n\nUltraportable, subtle, stylish\nEasier to use and more precise input with scroll, rotate, and zoom\nThe touchpad has been enlarged to 107 x 61mm, matching the screen ratio for an attractive look. Its 47% larger than touchpads on similar laptops from other brands and supports responsive and accurate multi-touch control. With more gestures detected, it effectively replaces the mouse, offering an intuitive input option. Multi-touch input allows effortless accuracy without a mouse, including two-finger web page scroll, image zoom/rotate and three-finger tapping to mimic a right-click. Workflow is streamlined with gesture control, especially multi-step tasks such as presentations and research projects.\n\nAnti-glare display for comfortable viewing\nMatte screen materials prevent unwanted reflections to reduce eye fatigue. They also stop unsightly fingerprint smudges for more attractive presentations. To prolong productivity, ergonomic, textured, palm rest areas provide a pleasant and solid feel so you can keep working without slowing down.\n\nYour business reinforced\nExtra-strict ASUSPRO™ reliability testing standards\nBusiness and organizational users demand higher standards and greater reliability, so all ASUSPRO Series laptops are strictly quality-tested to much higher industry standards then mainstream laptops. They prove highly durable in drop tests, hinge cycle tests and panel pressure testing. They also ship with an anti-shock hard drive that includes a triple protection mechanism to ensure data is always safe.\n\nEnhanced drop testing\nMore than double the drop height of standard notebooks\n\nStronger hinge testing\n20,000 more cycles than standard notebook testing\n\nEnhanced pressure testing\nUp to 20% higher endurance compared to normal notebooks\n\nSpill-resistant keyboard\nOccasional beverage accidents are no longer a problem\nAnti-shock hard drive – triple protection keeps data safe from damage\n\nAnti-shock hard drive\n1. Stringent 3-axial/6-angular shock and vibration test\nPU301 hard drives are subjected to rigorous shock and vibration trials in accordance with surrogate testing to beyond common industry standards.\n\n2. Motion sensor defense mechanism\nG-sensor hardware and hard drive protection software pre-empt imminent impacts as an additional line of defense in keeping data safe and secure. They use a 3D digital accelerometer with three levels of sensitivity: off, normal and high. The latter is activated by default and impact detection remains on at all times.\n\n3. Metal bracket air bag\nMetal brackets add structural strength around hard drives, protecting storage beyond mainstream standards. Shock-absorbing cushions also act as additional shields to protect data in the event of shocks or drops.\n\nAnti-shock hard drive\nTough-metal four-corner notebook structural protection\n\nMotion sensor defense mechanism\nShock-absorbing hard drive cushions reduce potential damage\n\nMetal bracket air bag\nImpact-detecting hard drive G-sensor pre-empts drop incidents\n\nWorry-free security\nImproved privacy with fingerprint scanning\nLaptops incorporating fingerprint scanning take data access authorization and protection to a higher level with a personal touch. RF electronic scanner imaging reads fingerprint patterns, using sensors that are less affected by skin surface conditions, including dry, worn, calloused, dirty or oily skin, which may impair the ability of other sensor technologies to accurately detect fingerprints.\n\nASUS Secure Delete erases data permanently\nOffers an easy-to-use interface and allows users to permanently remove confidential data from the recycle bin by simply launching Secure Delete and dragging and dropping files to be erased.\n\nProtect your data – trace and locate stolen notebooks\nKeep data safe, plus trace and locate stolen laptops with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology and\n\nComputrace® LoJack® for Laptops\nThe ASUSPRO P ESSENTIAL Series utilizes Intel® Anti-Theft Technology to help disable access to the operating system should your laptop ever get lost or stolen, keeping it safe and secure. Laptops are also bundled with Computrace® LoJack® for Laptops by Absolute® Software, giving you the power to remotely locate them. You can also remotely lock and delete data before it falls into the wrong hands. The LoJack® for Laptops dedicated theft recovery team works with local law enforcement to track down and recover lost or stolen laptops.\n\nBetter productivity and streamlined management\nPowerful 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors\nWith or without managed IT environments, professionals implement added security alongside intelligent performance. The ASUSPRO P ESSENTIAL Series incorporates 4th generation Intel® Core processors to deliver amazing performance and include manageability, graphics and connectivity-enhancing technologies.\n\nIntel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA) included\nHelping small businesses efficiently manage their PCs in one simple package Intel® Small Business Advantage offers a new computing platform that consists of hardware, software and firmware to provide unique security and productivity capabilities. It has been specially designed for small businesses that do not have a managed IT environment, so it simplifies things to allow you to focus on your business rather than your PC. Intel® SBA includes six applications to help organize security and productivity: Software Monitor, Data Backup and Restore, USB Blocker, PC Health Center, Energy Saver and Wi-Di Wireless Display technology.\n\nASUS Asset Tag Manager helps with more efficient IT and admin\nASUS Asset Tag Manager is designed for small and medium businesses, allowing you to define a specific series number shown in the BIOS, which helps maintain team member device identification and easier management of individual PCs.\n\nASUS Asset Tag Manager helps with more efficient IT and admin\nIntel Wi-Di support-Project your notebook PC display to TV wirelessly\nIntel WiDi (Wireless Display) technology enables businesses to project a laptop display to a TV without cables. The full Desktop, including media and productivity applications, is sent to the TV in Full HD resolution using a dedicated 802.11n Wi-Fi connection. This is great for business presentations or sharing documents or web pages with lots of people. With Intel WiDi, you no longer have to crowd around a small screen to share stuff from your laptop.\n\nConnect from anywhere with dual-band Wi-Fi and 4G LTE\nThe ASUSPRO PU Series now features 4G LTE and dual-band Wi-Fi, so business users can stay connected at all times. Dual-band Wi-Fi works with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks for maximum flexibility, while 4G LTE is up to 10 times faster than previous-generation mobile data technology.\n\nIntel Wi-Di support-Project\n3X the charging cycle of Li-ion batteries and smart power connect alert\nThe PU301 uses long-life polymer batteries as a standard feature, offering three times the life cycle of traditional li-ion batteries. Eco-friendly and money-saving with a lower replace rate, polymer batteries also enhance safety thanks to low electrolyte leak rates. Should the power adapter be only partially or improperly connected to your laptop, the PU301’s embedded power connector alert will notify you of this problem, preventing sudden shutdowns and interruption to your work.\n\nUp to two weeks of standby time and auto data back up when battery charge drops to 5%\nASUSPRO laptops can remain in standby for up to two weeks, twice longer than conventional laptops. Also, real time battery life detection prevents data loss, backing up work as soon as the battery drops to 5% charge, so your data is always safe.\n\n*Actual standby time may vary due to specific component performance, connected devices and environmental differentiation\n\nFast data transferring with USB3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and SSD\nThe PU301 features superfast USB 3.0 for the latest in data transfer standards, working up to ten times faster than USB 2.0. Furthermore, Bluetooth 4.0 includes classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth high speed and Bluetooth low energy protocols, 16G SSD for cache enable faster boost up.\n\nUSB Charger+ quickly charges mobile devices even when the laptop is switched off\nExclusive ASUS USB Charger+ software easily charges smartphones, media players and other portable devices even when laptops are powered off or in sleep/hibernate modes in a fraction of the time it would normally take.\n\nGreen ASUS\nASUS leads the industry in eco-friendly processes, minimizing environmental impact with an initiative dubbed Green ASUS. It recovers four areas: green design, green manufacturing, green procurement, and green services. ASUS is focused on safeguarding our planet with responsible products, and the ASUSPRO™ Series succeeds in combining a lower total cost of ownership with the highest environmental standards. It is fully EPEAT, Energy Star, and RoHS-certified.

Parametry a specifikace

Úhlopříčka displeje
13,3 " Hotovo!
Velikost operační paměti RAM
3,91 GB Hotovo!
Typ úložiště
SSD Hotovo!
Kapacita úložiště
256 GB Hotovo!
Poměr stran
16:9 Hotovo!


Úhlopříčka displeje
13,3 " Hotovo!
Poměr stran
16:9 Hotovo!


Počet jader procesoru
2 × Hotovo!
Frekvence procesoru
1,7 GHz (1 700 MHz) Hotovo!
Core Boost Frekvence
2,7 GHz (2 700 MHz) Hotovo!
15 W Hotovo!
Cache procesoru
3 MB Hotovo!

Operační paměť

Velikost operační paměti RAM
3,91 GB Hotovo!
Frekvence paměti
1 600 MHz (1,6 GHz) Hotovo!

Operační systém

Operační systém
Windows 7 Professional Hotovo!

Pevný disk

Typ úložiště
SSD Hotovo!
Kapacita úložiště
256 GB Hotovo!


Kapacita baterie
44 Wh Hotovo!
Počet článků
3ks Hotovo!


331 mm Hotovo!
234,5 mm Hotovo!
Více parametrů

ASUS je symbolem růstu tchajwanské ekonomiky. Počátky společnosti se datuji k 2. dubnu 1989, kdy jako malý výrobce základních desek s několika málo zaměstnanci započal svou činnost. Dnes celosvětově zaměstnává více jak 12 500 zaměstnanců. Jeho produkty nalezneme téměř ve všech kategoriích trhu s informačními technologiemi. Produkty společnosti v sobě kloubí příznivou cenu a vysokou kvalitu. Pozornost ASUSu je zaměřena především na stolní počítače, notebooky, telefony, optické mechaniky a komponenty. Ve výrobě základních desek je společnost dnes dominantním hráčem na trhu s podílem téměř 40 %.   

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