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MSI Gaming GS60 2QE(Ghost Pro)-658XFR

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MSI Gaming GS60 2QE(Ghost Pro)-658XFR - Notebook
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Notebook i7-5700HQ, 15.6 " 1920 x 1080 px, RAM 8 GB, SATA 1128 GB 7200 ot/min, FreeDOS
Kód:  AR0001849 Prod. číslo:  9S7-16H512-658
MSI Gaming GS60 2QE(Ghost Pro)-658XFR Prodej skončil

MSI Gaming GS60 2QE(Ghost Pro)-658XFR

PERFORMANCE TO POWER AMAZING EXPERIENCE\n\nExperience a whole new way to interact with your PC like never before. With the power to understand your motions, recognize your face and respond to your voice, 5th generation(Broadwell-H) Intel Core processors takes computing to the next level.\n\nTrue Color Technology\n\nMSI True Color Technology guarantees that each panel in a MSI notebook comes with the finest precision in color. After examination and an extensive factory calibration process by the MSI True Color Technology, the panel quality will be more accurate, close to 100% sRGB. Hence, each color is delivered with the highest standard precision in detail, guaranteeing excellent color fidelity for many use applications.\n\nMSI has partnered with Portrait Displays, Inc. in developing a level of accuracy for display technology that sets a new standard. Trusting that the displays colors naturally represent the content is MSI’s objective.\n\nTRUE COLOR PROFILE\n\nThe preset mode settings provide optimization for 6 different usage scenarios. Work or play, you can easily switch to the mode that best suits your eyes. The profile sharing feature permits you to share your True Color settings to other users anywhere. This unique function ensures that every notebook using MSI True Color software demonstrates exactly the same color on the screen. It is ideal for agency, corporate in-house and freelance designers seeking to have a common view of their content.\n\nHear beyond the limits, Nahimic Sound Technology now packed in MSI Gaming Notebooks\n\nTo lead the gaming market, MSI is adopting Nahimic sound technology to boost the audio performance for their new range of gaming computers. So what’s new about this? Now, they can offer immersive virtual 7.1 sound in high definition using exclusive stereo equipment.\n\nWith Nahimic, enjoy sound that pushes the limits of reality.\n\nAt the very cutting edge of innovation, Nahimic sound technology has been approved for its quality and precision in projects undertaken by the military field, and also the aeronautics industry. Now, they are looking to make some serious noise in the world of gaming by becoming the next piece of your lethal arsenal.\n\nVirtual surround\n\nTotal immersion in the game: 360° sound that puts you right in the heart of the action.\n\nVoice leveler\n\nRealism: highlighting even the smallest sounds and providing incomparable clarity of dialogue.\n\nBass boost\n\nGaming intensity: increased bass, giving you incredibly high-powered sound.\n\nNoise gate & reduction\n\nMicrophone communication quality: constant volume and noise reduction for optimum voice clarity and comprehension.\n\nHD Audio recorder\n\nLastly, Nahimic is unveiling their HD Audio Recorder for the very first time: this function will enable you to enjoy studio quality sound to immortalize your streamed games - all in one click!\n\nInsanely Powerful. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M Discrete Graphics Card with GDDR5 3GB VRAM\n\nThe NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970M Series brings extreme, next-generation graphics performance to serious gaming notebooks. As the first graphics solution to reach a score over 9,000 in 3DMark 11, the GeForce GTX 970M delivers extremely fast and fluid gameplay at the highest settings and resolutions in a lightweight and portable design.\n\n“SHIFT”\n\nThe whole new feature “SHIFT” brings you total control over the system’s balance between performance and temperature. Switch between profiles “Sport,” “Comfort,” and “Green” to find the perfect balance between system performance and temperature. SHIFT is activated by the FN + F7 hotkey combo, or via the Dragon Gaming Center.\n\nThe Stunning Storage Speed\n\nThe first Super RAID design—one notebook with two mSATA SSD RAID 0 (128GB or 256GB) units, is yet another world first courtesy of MSI. Two mSATA SSDs and one HDD can be installed in the same laptop without the need to expand the size of the laptop, increasing read, write, and saving speeds.\n\nKiller Double Shot Pro with Smart Teaming\n\nThe Killer Double Shot Pro supports both Killer Gb LAN and WiFi 802.11ac dual band protocol and average latency improvement is 3.5 times than others who support 802.11ac as well. It also has Smart Teaming function which will be operated by Killer Network Manager to optimize the bandwidth usage combined with WiFi and Gb LAN at the same time.\n\nSOUND by DYNAUDIO\n\nTo satisfy consumers desire to experience high quality sound effects, MSI partnered with top audio brand Dynaudio, which has a devoted aspiration for “Authentic Fidelity” to meet this demanding standard. It equips the MSI GAMING-Series gaming notebook with top-notch audio features, creating a realistic sound and immersive effects. Any high quality stereo source is transformed into true-to-life, multi-channel sound. No need to purchase extra speakers, wires or speaker stands to appreciate room-filling sound.\n\nAUDIO BOOST\n\nThe MSI Audio Boost design enhances the output sound detail and sound stage by 30% more. The gold flash audio jack provides stable sound transmission (reduced obstruction) and works in conjunction with the optimized headsets AMP (Audio Power Amplifier) design, characterized by low noise and low distortion, to greatly enhance headphone performance and faithfully reproduce each acoustic detail.\n\nSound Blaster Cinema 2 Enhanced Wrap around Sound\n\nAll MSI gaming laptops this year feature upgraded Sound Blaster Cinema 2 wrap around sound, making the already cutting-edge Sound By Dynaudio 2.1 channel sound system, even better with optimized software solutions in particular for wrap around sound, human voices, virtual bass, and low quality audio sources. Sound Blaster Cinema and MSI's superior sound system complement each other exceptionally well.\n\nCUSTOMIZE Your Game Style\n\nSteelSeries Engine is an app that transforms your keyboard in to a lethal gaming weapon. Here, you can customize each individual key, create different macros, manage keyboard lighting and customize the keyboard to your liking.\n\nIntelligent keypress macro capabilities\n\nThere are virtually unlimited keypress macro creation capabilities. Anything you can do on a mouse or a keyboard can be programmed along with specific event timing. You can even program mouse events into keyboard macros. Your macros will be running at a high priority in your computers Operating System, yet it does NOT interfere with your real time actions during gameplay.\n\nCreate your own text macro\n\nBesides keypress macro, SteelSeries Engine also can create the text macro for gamers’ talk. By this way, gamers can have simultaneously multi-party conversation and do not waste time in doing repetitive typing.\n\nKLM (Keyboard light management)\n\nDepending on your mood and desires, you can choose from more than 1,000 color combinations and five different scenario modes for the keyboard, enabling you to be the coolest gamer at any LAN party!\n\nUnlimited profile possibilities\n\nProfiles are sets of macros, button assignments, and device configurations that are frequently used together. An unlimited number of profiles, with customizable names, can be stored in the SteelSeries Engine. It provides predefined profiles for common games which can be used directly or as templates for your custom macros.\n\nStatistics to analyze and improve\n\nWhether you're playing an FPS or editing in Photoshop, being better and more efficient is something we want to help you achieve. Use the Statistics module to record your keyboard or mouse actions. Then review the peripheral heat map, which shows with both color and numbers the frequency of your key or button presses. You can then use this information to fine tune your macros as well as your key and mouse button assignments to optimize your tools to play (and work).\n\nFreedom to Play\n\nSteelSeries Engine will automatically recognize what game you are playing and open your saved profile(s) for that game. You can create your own profiles for other applications and then have SteelSeries Engine open the corresponding profile when you start up your application.\n\nFriendly UI design\n\nThe SteelSeries Engine is easy to understand by using pictorial representations of devices along with basic drag-and-drop techniques to assign key presses, complex macros, device profiles and buttons. Also features intuitive macro creation with customizable colors, fonts, and names for everything.\n\nEvery key can be customized to hot key as you want!!\n\nEvery gamer can easily customize every individual key as hot key to personalize his own play style, greatly increase the convenience on key usage.\n\n* FN, F1-F12 keys except\n\nJust one click!! quickly launch Apps from SteelSeries Engine\n\nGamers can freely choose any key as launch application button, no longer need to click the mouse for Apps start.\n\n4 keyboard layers options!!\n\nThere are 4 layers for gamers to set 4 usage scenario or game. Not only that, while playing the game, gamers can easily and quickly switch layer*, such as a chat screen with friends. Communication with friends is not interrupted!!\n\n*The layers switch key is “Fn+1~4”\n\nThe Real Deal: A Keyboard All Gamers Desire For Gamers\n\nExclusive keyboard positioning and golden triangle layout offers a better gaming experience.\n\nShow Off or Just Make for Fun Best Live Streaming App Ever\n\nXSplit Gamecaster lets you easily record your gaming experience and broadcast it live to Twitch, YouTube, UStream and more. It’s simple,\neasy to use and ideal for sharing your gameplay with friends, family or the world - or for capturing those perfect gaming moments, just for the heck of it.\n\nNow, with the upgraded version, you can even edit your gameplay video and share it to your social media pages directly through Gamecaster.\n\n- Draw attention whilst casting with in-game annotations\n- Use XSplit Gamecaster with all of your PC & Console Games\n- Share your broadcast and conquer the world\n- Organize and upload your greatest gaming moments\n- Add a Webcam and show your game face\n\nDual Fan Thermal Cooling System\n\nStay stealthy and cool with the quiet yet efficient dual fan thermal cooling solution for optimal airflow. The automated cooler boost feature intelligently increases airflow during extreme gaming sessions to keep you cool in the heat of battle.\n\nMatrix Display\n\nMatrix display features MSI innovative design with 2 external screen display capabilities, allowing you to output to 2 displays simultaneously using HDMI 1.4, and VGA port. Users can work with multi-task at same time.\n\nHandle the big screen with support of up to 3840 x 2160 resolutions to watch your movies or play your games in true HD when connected to an HDTV.\n\nWorld' 1st gaming notebook with Wide-viewing Angle display\n\nExperience better image quality, the Wide-view angle panel enhanced 20% more contrast level and 20% more brightness level than TN panel, with vivid colors and consistent brightness levels whether you’re looking at the screen from above, below, the front or the side.

Parametry a specifikace

Úhlopříčka displeje
15,6 " Hotovo!
Čip grafické karty
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M Hotovo!
Velikost operační paměti RAM
7,81 GB Hotovo!
Kapacita úložiště
1 128 GB Hotovo!
Počet jader procesoru
4 × Hotovo!


Úhlopříčka displeje
15,6 " Hotovo!


Počet jader procesoru
4 × Hotovo!
Frekvence procesoru
2,7 GHz (2 700 MHz) Hotovo!
Cache procesoru
6 MB Hotovo!

Grafická karta

Čip grafické karty
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M Hotovo!

Operační paměť

Velikost operační paměti RAM
7,81 GB Hotovo!
Frekvence paměti
1 600 MHz (1,6 GHz) Hotovo!

Pevný disk

Kapacita úložiště
1 128 GB Hotovo!
Rozhraní disku
SATA Hotovo!
Rychlost otáček HDD
7 200 ot/min Hotovo!


1,96 kg Hotovo!


Kapacita baterie
52 Wh Hotovo!
Počet článků
6ks Hotovo!


390 mm Hotovo!
266 mm Hotovo!
Více parametrů

Tchajwanská společnost MSI (Micro-Star International) si vydobyla pevné místo ve světě IT především produkcí základních desek pro stolní počítače. Zaměřuje se však také na grafické karty, barebone počítače, notebooky, síťové produkty, servery a mnohé další počítačové komponenty. Produkty nesoucí značku MSI podporují nejmodernější technologie a dopřávají svým uživatelům potřebný výkon pro všechny typy nasazení. Zvláště intenzivně se MSI věnuje dnes tolik rostoucímu segmentu herních notebooků.


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