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How to Choose a Phone Case


Choosing a mobile phone case may seem an easy thing to do but it could get tricky. The reason is simple: a mobile phone is often an expensive but relatively fragile device, so a case or cover is a certain guarantee of protection from general damage. Covers or cases protect the screen against scratches and make your smartphone more durable and overall better protected against damage in case you – god forbid! – drop it. But design is an equally important reason. The back of the phone does not look the way you want? Buy a case with the exact design that represents your personality – problem solved.

How to choose the best phone case

How to Choose a Mobile Phone Case - CONTENTS

  1. How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone Case/Cover
  2. Basic Parameters for Choosing a Phone Case
  3. Mobile Phone Back Covers
  4. Outdoor and Sports Cases
  5. Waterproof Cases
  6. Flip Cases
  7. Cases with a Stand
  8. Charging Covers
  9. Antibacterial Sleeves
  10. Universal Cases
  11. How to Choose the Right Cover or Case for Your Phone?

How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone Case/Cover

  1. Most cases or mobile phone covers must always be designed for the exact phone model. Otherwise, it may happen that e.g. the camera hole will not fit, etc.
  2. Decide whether you want to go for a case or cover - see below.
  3. A case or cover for your mobile phone brings a range of personalisation options.
  4. A separate chapter is the screen protectors, which we recommend using anyway.

What is the difference between a cover and a mobile phone case?

Cover (picture on the left)

The cover literally has your phone's back whilst also protecting the display. If you need to use the phone, you need to take it out of it or e.g. ...flip open the display cover. This phone cover type is often an elegant accessory that fits well with your clothing.

Case (picture on the right)

The cover is only fitted on the back and is most commonly made of plastic, silicone and leather. It doesn't protect the screen, but it does provide solid protection for the rest of the phone (depending on the specific case). With cases, you definitely want to protect your display with a screen protector, or with a protective film.

How to choose the best case How to choose the best case
Left to right:  Phone cover;  phone case.

You can even have your own customised case made by us!

With Alza, you can easily make a mobile phone case with your own customised theme. Send us the photo you want to be printed on the back of the cover, and in a few days, you'll receive a unique cover that no one else has.

The procedure is simple: Take a picture, upload it and you are all set. When selecting a case, click on "I want a custom style", and you will be taken to a simple editor. Here you can choose from the preset themes or upload your own photo. A list of all available covers can be found here: Custom mobile phone covers

Basic Parameters for Choosing a Phone Case


The material of the mobile phone case has a major impact on its durability. The most used ones include:

  • Plastic - the most common material for the production of cases. It is both flexible and durable enough to provide adequate protection for your phone.
  • TPU - this is a durable variant of plastic that is reinforced with glass fibres.
  • Polycarbonate (thermoplastic) - is the ideal material for outdoor cases. It is resistant to temperature changes and possible common impacts.
  • Silicone - a thin and inexpensive material that protects relatively well against impact and other damage. A big plus is its flexibility, thanks to which the silicone cases fit well.
  • Leather - elegant and ideal for cases designed to be used in more formal circumstances.
  • Faux leather - a cheaper variant of genuine leather, most often used for flip cases.

Phone dimensions

Phone dimensions are no less crucial. The device must fit snugly in the case. It is not necessary for the case to come from the same company as the phone, however; other manufacturers also make exact fitting cases because they get the exact dimensions from the phone manufacturers. The case must, however, be made for the specific model. Here you should also check the year of manufacture to be sure, because some generations of mobile phones may have the same name, yet differ by a few millimetres.


The frames of covers and cases are not to be underestimated. Although the bezel is often the most durable part of the phone (often made of metal), a solid case frame is key to keeping your phone secure.

If you can, also note how the front and back of the case are joined to the frame, whether the case is one piece or you can see the glue joints. A cover made from a single piece of material will last much longer than one made from multiple pieces. Still, it's better to have a glued cover than no cover at all.

Attaching mechanisms

There are basically two ways to attach your phone to the case. You can either snap it into the case (usually with cases that are designed for a specific type of phone) or slide it in, which is the case with universal covers. However, you lose the possibility of lightning-fast photography because your phone is hidden in them like in a bag. You have to take your phone out to take a photo.

When to go for a cover instead of a case?

An important feature for most types of covers. Whether the main criterion for selecting the given type of case is how elegant addition to your handbag it will be or whether it will only protect your phone in poor natural conditions, you should always consider the following parameters:

  • Casual use - pretty much all cases are suitable for normal phone protection on standard occasions.
  • Formal events - reach for the elegant models you'll find most often in the flip case section. They are available in a range of designs. At the same time, the possibility of using them as a card carrier is also practical. Pouches are common in flip pouches.
  • Sport, outdoors - durable covers/cases designed for an active life. This is also reflected in their appearance – they look more practical and do not contain many glamorous design elements. In this category, you need to take into account the type of sport you are involved in as this will determine which is the best fit for you and your hobby.

Degree of protection

The degree of protection of the housing is also a parameter that must be monitored. The safest are outdoor cases with reinforced construction or protrusions, which are designed to protect even when the phone falls screen-down, etc. Basic protection against scratches on the table, in your handbag, or even slipping. For screen protection, choose a protective glass or a flip or universal cover.

Useful features

Useful features of phone cases include:

  • Card pocket - some flip cases have a pocket for one or more cards, it is a so-called. type 2 in 1.
  • Rubberized surface - prevents the phone from slipping.
  • Support for wireless charging - cases/covers are usually not a barrier to wireless charging. The only exceptions would be cases/covers that have metal parts or covers that are more than five millimetres thick.
  • Stand integrated directly into the back of the cover.
  • Anti-radiation treatment - helps minimize harmful radiation from the phone by approximately 85 to 99%.
Mobile phone back covers

Mobile Phone Back Covers

  • The most common type of mobile phone covers
  • Basic phone protection
  • Protects the back of the smartphone
  • Easy to customize with your own design

Mobile back covers offer solid protection for your phone during normal use and a good level of personalisation. Mobile phone back covers come in thousands of different designs, and it's easy to have the cover printed to your liking. They are most often made of silicone or plastic of varying quality and durability. But they only protect the back of the phone, so it is advisable to add them protective glass or films for display.

Frequently asked questions when choosing back covers

How can I print my own motif on the cover?

Very simple with Alsa. When you make a purchase, just select I want a custom style, and a simple editor will set up everything you need. You can choose from pre-set themes or upload your own image. For more information, please visit Custom cell phone covers.

Outdoor and sports cases

Outdoor and Sports Cases

  • Maximum resistance, e.g. into the countryside
  • Protects your phone even from harder drops or dust
  • Often much more massive than other types
  • Made of durable materials

Outdoor and sports cases usually have to face more challenges in terms of durability. It must protect the phone from harsher handling, moisture, dust. Sports cases also fall into this category. These require the phone to be easily accessible (e.g. for monitoring physical performance or serving as a source of music), they are therefore usually placed on a belt that is fastened with Velcro, e.g. on the arm.

Frequently asked questions when choosing outdoor and sports cases

What are durable covers made of?

Very often, it is a combination of different types of hardened plastic, e.g. TSP, which is a glass fibre reinforced plastic. Polycarbonate, which is resistant to temperature changes and can withstand hard impacts, or flexible silicone, is also used.

Waterproof cases

Waterproof Cases

  • Protects your phone from moisture and water
  • Some models can even be used for diving
  • Simple design
  • Unsuitable for general use

The primary purpose of waterproof cases is to protect your phone against moisture. They can withstand immersion in water (so they are suitable for swimming, for example, when you do not want to leave your phone lying unattended by the pool) or heavy rain. They often come with a neck sling or a belt to attach the case to your waist so you can keep your phone with you at all times.

Frequently asked questions when choosing waterproof cases

Can I go scuba diving with a cover like this?

If you choose a type that allows it, then definitely yes. Some are designed only for movement in wet environments, others can handle rain. The best ones can actually handle diving to a depth of several metres.

Are these covers suitable for casual wear?

No, because waterproof cases are mostly just single-purpose waterproof cases. This also corresponds to their appearance. These are often transparent bags with a tight closure that you hang around your neck. Of course, you can use them outside the water, but they won't protect your phone much, for example, from falling.

Flip covers

Flip Cases

  • A classy, elegant accessory
  • Protects the screen from scratches
  • Opening sideways or upwards

Flip cases are very common. They are elegant and offer protection for the entire phone, including the display. It is also easily accessible by flipping open the front of the case. Flip cases most often open sideways like a book, which is very practical and natural. Less common cases with upward-opening are also available. The selection of flip cases is wide. Decide either directly according to the specific type of phone and the corresponding cutouts on the back and edges of the case or according to the display size.

Frequently asked questions when choosing flip cases

I get tired of having to flip off the top of the case every time I want to look at the clock. What about it?

There are also cases on the market that have a transparent window or cut-out at the top, through which a substantial part of the display is clearly visible. Some also have a sensor that activates the phone's display when the case is opened.

Do all flip cases have space for bank cards, receipts, business cards, etc.?

Many flip cases are sold as so-called. 2 in 1. This means that in addition to the space for the phone, they have these practical side pockets. However, there are also cases on the market that serve only for placing the mobile phone.

Cases with a stand

Cases with a Built-in Stand

  • Master covers enriched with stand
  • Quick and convenient video viewing
  • Decent fall protection
  • Folded stand almost not visible

Cases with a stand are suitable for those who often watch videos on their phone, or for those who, for example, use their phone to read news in the morning. The integrated stand ensures that you can see the display better, without tiring your hands. Just flip the hidden stand out of the phone case and place everything on a suitable surface, such as a table on a train or plane.

Frequently asked questions when choosing cases with stand

Do cases with a stand provide enough protection for my phone?

Yes. They're designed to protect your phone, but also add the benefit of a comfortable armrest to save you the hassle. You can be sure that it protects your phone and that the stand won't fold up on its own, putting your phone at risk of falling on the table.

Battery cases

Battery cases

  • Extend battery capacity
  • They include an integrated power bank
  • Decent fall protection
  • Only available for Apple phones

Without power, a mobile phone is useless. The charging covers that Apple has designed for its phones can serve as a backup power source. These robust cases include an integrated power bank with a capacity of 1369 mAh, which will extend the battery life a little longer. The cover does not lose its protective function, however, since it only protects the back and sides of the phone, we recommend using a protective glass.

Frequently asked questions when choosing charging covers

How does the charging cover charge?

Even the charging cover must be charged from time to time. Apple offers two options for its covers: Either lightning-fast charging via lightning cable or wireless charging with a compatible charger.

Antibacterial sleeves

Antibacterial Sleeves

  • They have a special agent that destroys bacteria and dirt
  • High level of device protection
  • Decent fall protection
  • Available in many different designs

At first glance, you can't distinguish antibacterial cases from conventional cases. The surface is treated with a special microantibacterial layer that eliminates batteries and other impurities. The case is always clean, so you don't have to worry about using it even if you're lending your phone to someone else.

Frequently asked questions when choosing antibacterial cases

How do antibacterial sleeves work?

The surface of the housing mostly uses silver ions, which neutralize 99.9% of all microorganisms and keep the housing clean.

Universal cases

Universal Cases

  • They are not tied to the phone type
  • The exact dimensions of the mobile need not be taken into account when selecting it
  • Wide range of materials
  • You may encounter problems with cutouts, e.g. for cameras or power supply

Universal cases/covers are the easiest way to protect your phone. In this category, we can include the already mentioned flip covers, which you choose according to the size of the display of your phone, but also ordinary silicone covers, which are mounted on the back of the phone. If you want to go this route, you should also focus on protecting the display with adhesive glass. The category of universal cases also includes the so-called. socks, i.e. cloth cases that serve well as protection against immediate scratches on the phone.

Frequently asked questions when choosing universal cases

How do I choose a universal case?

For example, if you're looking for a phone case on the spur of the moment and you can do without the exact cutouts for the camera designed for a particular make and model of phone, the display size and its aspect ratio should be the determining parameter, followed by the dimensions of the phone itself.

How to Choose the Right Cover or Case for Your Phone?

When choosing a case, resp. The model and type of mobile phone cover are essential to match all cutouts for buttons, cameras and connectors. On you can find the cover for a specific phone as follows:

  1. Open the category signpost Mobile phone cases
  2. Select the brand of your phone from the signpost on the left.
  3. Then select a specific model or variant on the right.
  4. Choose only from cases and covers that fit your phone perfectly.
How to choose a mobile phone cover

In the table below, you'll find an overview of popular phone models and their compatible covers.

Telephone model Cover for the phone
Samsung Galaxy S22 Covers for Samsung Galaxy S22
Samsung Galaxy S22+ Covers for Samsung Galaxy S22+
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Covers for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
iPhone 13 Pro Covers for iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Covers for iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Pro Max Covers for iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 mini Covers for iPhone 13 mini
iPhone SE (2020) Covers for iPhone SE (2020)
Samsung Galaxy A12 Covers for Samsung Galaxy A12
Samsung Galaxy A52 Covers for Samsung Galaxy A52
Samsung Galaxy S21 Covers for Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Covers for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Honor 50 Covers for Honor 50
Xiaomi Poco X3 Covers for Xiaomi Poco X3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Covers for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro
Huawei P50 Pro Covers for Huawei P50 Pro

Glossary of Terms - Covers for Mobile Phones


A material used to make phone cases, it is a type of plastic that is reinforced with glass fibres that give it greater durability.

Bezel frame

The bezel that connects the front and back of the phone cover is important with regard to securing the phone itself in the bezel.

Mobile phone cases

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