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Acer Windows Mixed Reality je nejdostupnější headset pro WMR


To the large and growing segment of virtual reality, Windows Mixed Reality, a new platform for expanded reality from Microsoft, will be added on October 17. It also comes with one of the Windows Mixed Reality, Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset . Among the rich competition should stand out especially by the price tag. What do they bring together?

Acer Windows Mixed Reality

The Acer Headset for Windows Mixed Reality is to be the most affordable of all headsets for WMR. It will share a number of default parameters with the competition. First of all, the resolution of each pair of 2.89 "displays is 1440 × 1440 px and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The field of view of the glasses is 95 ° and this parameter is different from the competitor, with one of the lowest values.

What is Windows Mixed Reality?

Windows Mixed Reality extends the CoR capabilities

Microsoft's new virtual reality platform will try to connect the virtual world to the real world. Similarly, as Microsoft is trying to do with the Hololens professional platform, WMR also comes with the ability to insert virtual objects into real-world environments, and vice versa, to use virtual elements in virtual space. The new type of VR, unlike Hololens, is aimed at ordinary users and entertainment, is much more accessible and its technical solution easier. It will also work on computers without a dedicated graphics card .

Another big advantage of Windows Mixed Reality is Microsoft's support, and thus the connection to the operating system and a number of its applications. Virtual reality will become one of the features of Windows 10. Many partners, including the Steam game store, should also be rich in content. Great user-friendliness is also a significant asset to WMR.

Hardware Requirements WMR

Acer glasses, or virtual reality WMR, will work on any powerful PC with Windows 10 installed. Although the advanced virtual reality performance is very demanding, it will run on machines without a custom graphics card. However, it does not achieve the same options as the VRs and VRs for the VRs , for example, it does not allow for much more games. Without dedicated graphics, the VR will only run at 60 Hz refresh rate.

ProcessorIntel Core i5 7th GenerationIntel Core i7 (6-core)
AMD Ryzen 7 1700
Memory8 GB16 GB
Grafic cardIntel HD Graphics 620NVIDIA GTX 980
AMD Radeon RX 480

Headset with two cameras

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset must be constructively charged to the WMR platform, therefore the two most distinctive features of the glasses are the two cameras on the front. They both capture the real environment, allowing it to be interconnected with virtuality, but above all, they provide the orientation of the glasses in space. Unlike other systems, such as HTC Vive , the device will work on the so-called Inside-Out principle. This means that it is sufficient without other sensors in the room.

Headset Acer

The pair of cameras on the front of the headset will be iconic for Windows Mixed Reality.

Acer WMR is lightweight and folding

Acer Windows Mixed Reality has a tilting visor over the experience. With the glasses, it is easy and fast to get out of virtual reality without putting the whole set. This feature should be a common headset for all brands. On the head, the glasses hold with padded strips of adjustable length and wearing them is quite comfortable. The whole set is lightweight, weighs only 350 g. It is so lightweight than the Asus with 400 g or Dell with 590 g.

Brýle Acer Headsed Acer

Headsed Acer Windows Mixed Reality has a light, simple design.

Headset Acer WMR

The connectors' equipment is again determined by the WMR platform and therefore the same for all of its intended glasses. Acer Windows Mixed Reality connects to your computer using 4-meter long cables with HDMI and USB 3.1. In addition, the headset is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The audio output from the headset is appropriately spatial and should exemplify the virtual adventure experience.

WMR ovládání

Wireless controls with diode-filled circles and many control elements must remain constantly in view of cameras from the headset.

Microsoft Motion Controllers

Two wireless controllers can be used to control games and applications. On both, there are a total of 4 buttons, a touchpad and a small joystick. The power supply is provided by standard pencil batteries. The movement of the controls is somewhat limited, they must be constantly in the field of view of the cameras - the headset monitors the position of the controls in the space according to the circle of the diodes they are equipped with.

Brýle Acer Ovladač k WMR

Windows Mixed Reality will be accessible through Acer glasses. Virtual world will be controlled by a pair of remote controls.

What is the price Acer wants to beat the competition?

The Windows Mixed Reality Virtual Reality segment will be fairly specific. The individual headsets will share much of the specification, and must look for areas where they can stand out.

On the positive side of the Acer model, the price -

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