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How to choose an automatic coffee machine


Uvažujete o koupi automatického kávovaru, který vám připraví vaše oblíbené espresso, latte či cappuccino doma? Ale jak se zorientovat v tak široké nabídce a vybrat pro vás ten nejlepší kávovar? Poradíme vám, na jaké parametry a funkce byste se měli zaměřit, abyste vybrali takový plně automatický kávovar, který vám bude vyhovovat ve všech směrech.

Automatic coffee machines take care of the whole process of preparing coffee, from grinding the beans to frothing the milk. As a result, they are suitable for those who enjoy coffee but don't want to get involved in its preparation. Just press a single button and away you go!

Jak vybrat automatický espresovač
Advantages and disadvantages
  • Coffee is prepared automatically according to set pogrammes
  • Self-cleaning functions
  • Built-in grinder
  • High daily cup capacity
  • Long life
  • Larger dimensions
  • Higher price

Frequently asked questions when selecting an automatic coffee machine

How are automatic coffee machines operated?

Automatic coffee machines are very simple to operate - simply press a button and it takes care of the rest, from grinding the coffee to the finishing touches. Furthermore, automatic coffee machines also offer self-cleaning functions, making them extremely convenient and hassle-free.

What do automatic coffee machines offer?

Automatic espresso can prepare a variety of beverages, with some models offering up to ten different options -

simply select a drink on the touch screen menu. Some models feature a height-adjustable surface, for cleaner pouring in different sized cups. Other features include preset timers, customisable programmes, and a space for heating cups.

Who are automatic coffee machines designed for?

For those who want high-quality coffee drinks at the touch of a button. Automatic coffee machines are particularly popular in offices, as they allow high volumes of drinks to be prepared quickly and easily.

Automatic coffee machines
  • For the most demanding customers
  • High-quality beverages
  • Simple operation
Plně automatické espressovače

Important parameters

Tlak páry


Some coffee machines have an integrated pump, whereas other use steam pressure.

For quality coffee, a coffee machine with an integrated pump is recommended. The pump should reach at least 9 bars, but for a really good quality espresso, you need a device with a pressure of at least 15 bars. Cheaper devices with lower pressure are available, but you can't rely on them to make perfect espresso.

Espresso přístroj
Additional functions
  • Prepare two cups of coffee simultaneously - ideal for when you have a visitor.
  • Space for heating cups - Hot beverage cool quickly in cold cups. Thankfully, some coffee makers come with a special space for heating cups, so your drink stays warmer for longer.
  • Height-adjustable surface - for different sized cups.
  • Self-cleaning function - for extra convenience

Glossary - coffee


A small container of coffee designed specifically for use with capsule coffee machines. There is a wide range of flavours available, including cappuccino, latte macchiato and even chocolate. However, the choice of capsule is often limited by the manufacturer of the capsule coffee machine. Capsules provide one of the simplest methods of preparing coffee.


Espresso is a 30 ml coffee beverage made at an even pressure of 9 bar. The recommended duration of extraction is 20 to 30 seconds. Espresso should be served in a 60-90 ml cup.


Crema is the thick coffee foam found at the top of a cup of espresso.

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