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How to choose virtual reality glasses


Want to experience the world of virtual reality but unsure what equipment you need? Whether for a smartphone, computer, or game console, this handy guide will help you choose the perfect VR glasses for your needs.

Want to experience the world of virtual reality but unsure what equipment you need? Whether for a smartphone, computer or game console, this handy guide will help you choose the perfect VR glasses.

Virtuální realita aneb zábava pro všechny
Before choosing VR glasses, first answer the following questions:
  • What type of device do you plan to use?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Are you ready to plunge headfirst into the world of VR?

Keys points to consider when selecting VR glasses

Do you plan to use them with a smartphone, computer or game console?

These days, virtual reality can now be simulated relatively easily thanks to special VR glasses that can be connected to a smartphone, computer or game console.

The least expensive way to experience the world of virtual reality is with a pair of VR glassess for a smartphone. In essence, these act as holders for VR-ready smartphones. The smartphone display is positioned in front of your eyes and replaces a built-in display, making this the easiest and most affordable way to experience the world of VR.

VR glasses for computers are a much more sophisticated solution, which is reflected in their price. Virtual reality also places increased demands on a computer's hardware equipment, meaning you need to have the right equipment in place before you can consider investing in VR glasses for your computer.

VR glasses for game consoles offer a simple compromise. You can simply connect them to your console without having to worry about correct specifications or hardware configuration.

Pay attention to your device's hardware

Remember that virtual reality is a very sophisticated technology that places a high demand on the hardware of the display device. Accordingly, it is important to check that the device you intend to use is VR-ready.

VR for smarphones - necessary features include motion sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope), a high resolution display (no lower than Full HD) and a high-performance processor (quad-core or more). Here is a list of VR-ready smartphones.

VR for computers - focus on the speed and size of the hard drive, RAM size, and the performance of the graphics card. Modern connectors such as HDMI 1.4 are also essential. Here is a list of VR-ready desktop computers.

VR for game consoles - if you own a game console, there's no need to worry about hardware issues. When choosing VR glasses and other accessories, the only requirement is that they are compatible with your console.

Higher prices are associated with user-friendly features

The cheapest VR glasses serve only as a holder for mobile phones - simply insert the mobile phone into the headset, switch into VR mode, and away you go. PanoBoard, whose glasses are made of cardboard, offer some of the least expensive models on the market.

Invest a bit more and you can get glasses made of comfortable EVA foam that feature more sophisticated built-in controls, focus wheels, and even their own screens. Currently, Samsung's Gear VR, designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note or Edge, is among the most popular mid-range glasses.

High-end VR glasses, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, are designed for use with computers and game consoles and offer highly sophisticated features such as high-resolution screens, motion tracking, and the best available graphics.

Accessories push your VR experience to the next level

To accompany amazing visuals it's important to have perfect sound. So consider investing in high-quality headphones or advanced speakers

You can also buy hand-held controllers, both wired and wireless, that will make a thrilling shooter or exciting game of tennis all the more "real". Among the most progressive accessories include special VR gloves and a revolutionary headset that immerses you further through the sense of smell!

VR cameras can create amazing 360° videos using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras that contain multiple camera lenses. These videos open up plenty of exciting possibilies. In the future they could be used during inspections of residential or commercial premises, with educational applications, for tutorials, or in training simulators.

What does VR-Ready mean?

VR-Ready is the label given to devices or components that have the required hardware to support virtual reality. So if, for example, you buy a VR-Ready graphics card, you fan rest assured that it is poweful enough to support virtual reality.

Start slowly and take care

With increased quality, improved image rendering and better quality sound systems, you can easily lose track of the space where you are physically located. Virtual reality is not recommended for outdoor use; ideally you should be at home or in a safe enclosed environment. Plunging into a virtual world can be so disorientating that in extreme cases you can lose your balance. Accordingly, we recommend sitting in a comfortable swivel chair with plenty of space around you. To be extra safe, ask a friend to watch you the first time you play.

Some applications or games may be too intsense for beginners. At first, avoid horror and high-action games, which can easily bring on motion sickness. If you experience any feelings of nausea, remove your VR glasses immediately and take a break.

So what type of virtual reality glasses are you after?

Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality glasses for smartphones

An inexpensive ticket to the world of virtual reality.

If you have a high-end smartphone, you're all set to go

  • Intuitive and easy to operate
  • The most compact of all variants
  • Very affordable
  • Headsets across all price categories
Acer StarVR

Virtual reality glasses for PC

An extremely powerful computer is the gateway to a world of new possibilities.

Requires a modern processor and powerful graphics

  • With a VR-ready computer you can easily share content with your friends
  • Maximum visual, mental and physical immersion
  • The more you spend, the better the experience will be
  • Ensure perfect calibration and accuracy
Playstation VR pro PS4

Virtual reality glasses for game consoles

No need to worry about hardware issues or upgrades.

Unleash the potential of your game console

  • Speedy synchronisation and setup
  • No issues with hardware performance
  • The only requirement is compatability with your game console

Glossary - Virtual reality

360° video

A progressive digital dimension created using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras that contain multiple camera lenses, stitching the captured footage together to create a single video. The resulting video does not limit you to a single perspective and you can use horizontal and vertical sliders to "search" the environment.

Haptic feedback

A modern control element used mainly in apps and games. Haptic technology is extremely touch-sensitive — modern devices with this technology can detect the degree of pressure you are applying. Different levels of pressure result in different effects. In the settings you can turn on the so-called tactile feedback, which means the system feeds you information on your actions. For example, in car racing, you have no pedals, but you have a steering wheel you can turn. If you strongly press the right side, the car speeds up; if you press the left side, the car slows down. If you press the steering wheel with enough force to trigger the brake function, the steering wheel gently vibrates to let you know it worked.

Motion sickness

Also known as motion sickness, it is a condition caused by motion and often accompanied by nausea. The vestibular system in the inner ear – the sensor organ that governs the sense of balance and spatial orientation - informs your brain of your movement in a fundamentally different way than your eyes. To put it simply, motion sickness happens when the brain gets confused by the received input. Nausea, paleness, sweating, and rapid heartbeat are the common symptoms that accompany this condition. For clarification - imagine that you are wearing a headset and sitting still in a chair. The events you are watching in virtual reality, however, take place in an amusement park, where you are enjoying an adrenaline-filled rollercoaster ride. The vestibular apparatus is telling your brain that you are definitely not moving, but your eyes are seeing something very different. This discrepancy can result in the temporary condition we know as motion sickness.

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