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Why Choose Alternative Printer Toners?


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• Author: Editorial Staff

Everyone will, sooner or later, need a new toner for their printer. And that gives us two options: invest in an original toner, or take the road less travelled and try an alternative toner. Alternative toners will certainly not disappoint you as they boast high-quality printing at a reasonable price. So what else do alternative toners offer? And how do we recycle the used ones?

Alternative toners

New life for used toners

It does not mean it is the end when a printer's toner cartridge gets consumed. We can dispose of it ecologically or refurbish it, which presents an exciting opportunity to us. And that is what we are trying to do at We breathe new life into used print toners from proven suppliers. We refill the toner cartridge with a fresh toner powder, which has the same properties as the original and meets European regulations on the safety of chemicals. This way, we ensure maximum environmental friendliness.

Although toner powder is not an outright hazardous waste, it is at least a problematic waste. But, again, toner remanufacturing is the most environmentally friendly thing you can do with a consumed toner.


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Benefits of recycled toner cartridges

You may argue that what is recycled or refurbished may not be as good as the original. But of course, this can be true if not repaired professionally. However, our refurbished toners have many advantages. The most important ones are:

  • They are significantly cheaper.
  • They offer higher yields.
  • They are more environmentally friendly.
  • They can be refurbished repeatedly.
Alternative toners

How does the toner refurbishment process look?

The process of refurbishment from original to alternative toner has several stages. First, careful input control is essential. It is vital that no so-called compatible toner passes this step because compatible toners can not be refurbished. Furthermore, the toner cartridge and chip are checked for mechanical damage.

  1. The toner is then disassembled into individual components and divided into two parts, the toner hopper, which is the refill area, and the drum unit, which transfers the toner powder to paper.
  2. The original logos and labels are removed from the toner.
  3. The toner is thoroughly cleaned using blowing machines.
  4. The toner is filled with new toner powder.
  5. Then all the other components get cleaned, and the toner gets reassembled.
  6. After assembly, the toner is tested in the printer using test pages.
  7. If it meets the required quality, it is provided with alternative labels. On one, there is the module's name; on the other one are the production details and internal data.

See What It Looks Like Inside the Toner

Toner-parts Toner-parts Toner-parts Toner-parts Toner-parts Toner-parts Toner-parts Toner-parts

Original, Refurbished, or Compatible Toner Cartridge. What Is the Difference?

Three terms occur in the world of toners and alternative toners a lot: original toner, refurbished toner, and compatible toner. What are the differences between them?

  • Original toners have the highest quality toner powder available and an original chip that measures the number of pages printed.
  • Refurbished toners use the original print cartridge, a kind of body from which all the stickers and logos of the original manufacturer have been removed. The toner powder is new, and the chip was reset.
  • Compatible toners have a different appearance. There are no manufacturer's logos or anything like that; these are brand new plastic components and parts. The chip can be a problem - only universal chips are used, which can sometimes distort the user. The disadvantage is that they cannot be refurbished.
Alternative toners
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There is no reason to be afraid of alternative toners. An alternative toner is usually a cheap and affordable option that will meet your needs without fail. Additionally, it is a very environmentally friendly solution that will help reduce our already excessive demands on nature.

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