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How to choose a chainsaw


Do you prefer an electric or petrol powered chainsaw? This article will help explain how chainsaws are powered, and it will also give some tips on choosing the best guide bar length for you. 

Whether you need a lightweight electric model or something more heavy duty, there's plenty to consider when choosing a new chainsaw. Thanksfully we've prepared this handy buying guide to help you make the right choice. 

Jak vybrat pilu
Before choosing a chainsaw, first answer the following questions:
  • How exactly will you use the chainsaw?
  • Do you need a chainsaw for outside or inside use?
  • Will you work within easy reach of electricity?

So what type of chainsaw are you after?

Elektrická motorová pila

Electric chainsaws

Electric saws are suitable for small jobs in the workshop, around the house, or in the garden.

Electric chainsaws for domestic use

  • Suitable for all kinds of odd jobs
  • Suitable for workshop and garden
  • Can only be used within reach of an electrical outlet
  • Less noisy than petrol chainsaws
  • No exhaust fumes
Akumulátorová motorová pila

Cordless chainsaws

Ideal for small-scale work in the garden and around the house.

Cordless saws for cutting anywhere

  • Designed for use in the workshop and garden
  • Can be used without an electrical outlet
  • Usage is dependent on battery capacity
  • No exhaust 
Benzínová motorová pila

Petrol chainsaws

Suitable for heavy work in the woods and around the house, petrol chainsaws offer high performance and mobility.

Petrol chainsaws for heavy-duty work

  • Suitable for heavy work in the garden and in the woods
  • Noisier than other types of chainsaw
  • Highly mobile – suitable for working almost anywhere
  • A wide range of available models

Glossary - Chainsaws


The length of the chainsaw bar determines the diameter of the material you can cut, with longer bars able to cut greater diameters of material.


When choosing a chainsaw, make sure it is one of those where you can quickly replace the chain without any tools. The chain speed is another important criterion. The general rule is that the higher the speed, the more wood you can cut. In terms of safety, it is important to note whether the saw has a chain catcher. The chain catcher helps prevent the chain being thrown back towards the user if the chain breaks, which can prevent terrible injuries.

Anti-vibration handle

An anti-vibration system designed for comfortable and safe use of chainsaws. Anti-vibration handles soften the force of vibrations using springs or dampers.

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